The Orthodox Parish of the Holy Trinity in Bristol

The Russian Orthodox Church in Britain and Ireland

Russian Version - Ïî ðóññêè

The Old Testament Trinity. Andrei Rublev. XVth century

Address: St John Fisher Church

56 Begbrook Park, Frenchey

Bristol BS16 1NF


About Us

We are a Parish within the Diocese of Sourozh, Moscow Patriarchate. The Diocese in this country was founded by Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom) of blessed memory. The diocese is headed by Archbishop Elisey of Sourozh. Our priest in charge is Archpriest Michael Gogoleff, tel: 01225-858-792.

We are a multi-ethnic community and Orthodox Christians from various nationalities worship with us. Our services are in English and Russian (Church Slavonic) and we follow the old calendar. The services may be attended by anyone who is interested, although only Orthodox Christians may receive Holy Communion at the Divine Liturgy.

Here you can find the current schedule of the services. For further information contact Elya Kisina 0117 9140282, Masha Springford 0117-973-5037, Galina Self 0117-373-0631 

Welcome to our Parish!

ATTENSION!  Fr Michael cancelled service on Wednesday April 4 at 18.00 due to the condition of his health.
Please, study articles posted to you by email and on our Website.

Passion Week

"For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures; and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures; and that He was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve; after that, He was seen of above five thousand brethren at once."                                                                                                                                                                                                   1 Cor. 15:3-6


Holy Week in the Eastern Orthodox Church institutes the sanctity of the whole calendar year of the Church. Its centre of commemorations and inspiration is Easter, wherein the glorified Resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Every Sunday is dedicated in the Eastern Orthodox Church to the Resurrection of the Lord. One hundred days also are dedicated to Easter, 50 before it for preparation, and another 50 after it for commemorating the glorification of the Lord. Easter is considered the "Feast of Feasts."


On Passion Week

“We are entering into difficult days today: days when we recall the Passion of Christ; days when it will be difficult for us to come to church and endure long services, to pray. Many ask themselves: is there any point in coming to services when we are so physically tired, when our thoughts are flying here and there, when we have no inner concentration and true participation in what is going on?

Remember what happened during the days of Christ’s Passion: how many people there were—both good and terrible people, who would have given anything to break away from the horror and exhaustion of those days. Those who were close to Christ—how their hearts were torn, how their last strength both physical and emotional was wearing thin during the course of these few, but terrible days… How hundreds of people, to be sure, would have liked to break away from this week, to be free of what was happening: free from the wrath, the fear, and the horrors.

But life would not let them escape it. The Most Pure Virgin Theotokos could not run anywhere from the Lord’s Passion; neither could the Lord’s disciples hide from their terror, even in those moments when fear conquered them and they tried to hide themselves from the people’s wrath. Neither could Nicodemus or Joseph of Arimathea, Christ’s secret disciples, or the true and faithful myrrh-bearing women escape anywhere… There was nowhere to go because terror abode in their hearts; because terror enveloped them both within and without. And those who hatefully, stubbornly, and wrathfully strove to accomplish Christ’s murder also had nowhere to hide from this.

So when you remember this, won’t you find a place in church during the course of these terrible days? Their thoughts also raced, their hearts also went cold, and their strength also failed them; but they lived through these events. And what will be happening during these days is not a dead remembrance of something that happened some time ago; it is an event that resides in the heart of our days, and on it our world and our life is founded and built.

Therefore, no matter what we experience, or no matter how little we experience, let us attend these services, let us immerse ourselves in what they have to say to us. We will not try to forcibly squeeze some feelings out of ourselves: it is enough to watch; it is enough to hear. Let the events themselves—for these are events and not just memories—break us in body and soul. Then, when we forget ourselves and think rather of Christ, about what is really taking place during these days, we will reach also that Great Saturday when Christ is laid to rest in the tomb—and we also will find rest. When at night we hear the announcement of the Resurrection, we too will be able to suddenly come alive from that terrible numbness, from that terrible death of Christ, from Christ’s dying, of which we shall partake at least a little during these days of the Passion. Amen “

Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom)

Fundraising for a new church.

We continue to raise money in order to buy our own church. We are not a big parish and people are giving generously what they can afford, but we mainly rely on the help of friends. This is our objective. In the meantime, until we find something suitable to buy, we hope to move from Frenchey and, as a temporary solution, to rent another place closer to the centre, where we can leave all the things we need for our services.

Please help to collect the money.

 Let God help us in our efforts!

For donations: Bank: Lloyds Bank

Account name: Russian Orthodox Parish of the Holy Trinity

Sort code: 30-00-01, account: 01620935




  For more information contact Elya Kisina, tel: 0117 9140282 or  Masha Springford, tel: 0117 9735037.

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